JavaScript is good but not the best option for building high-quality web applications. In the current scenario, web developers and programmers are looking for an innovative technique that can help them in developing interactive web apps quickly and efficiently. They need a platform where they can develop web pages, without ever generating a single piece of code over and over again.
When we think of rapid app development, the first thing that comes to the mind is JavaScript Frameworks. They provide the firmness to the single page web applications development. JavaScript Frameworks are used to reduce the excess pressure on the web developer’s shoulders.
Instead of reminding and writing code every time, you can embed the libraries from the framework and simplify your work. Now, you don’t need to worry about multiple lines of code as you can use these libraries and invest your time and efforts on developing highly-interactive web apps.
Now, when it comes to plain JavaScript or JS libraries, jQuery is considered to be the most traditional, classiest one. It has been used for many years to develop complicated elements of web apps, but this requires a lot more coding skills and efforts. With the help of JavaScript frameworks, you can focus on building user-friendly elements of web applications, without even worrying about the code.
With that concept in mind, we bring you the list of 7 best JS frameworks that will simply your web development process and let you develop high-end, cutting-edge web apps.
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Angular.js is one of the most popular web application development frameworks in JavaScript. It was introduced by Google back in 2009.angular.jsIt is used to develop dynamic web apps, similar to the HTML which is for static web pages. It usually expands HTML, and provides some of the stunning features including deep linking and client side form validation, without even generating additional JS code. It lets you build need HTML elements or you can use ‘components’ to develop and save code snippets for further requirement. And it is undoubtedly the best testing tools on the web.
Angular.js is best because of its extensive range of features, including debugging, automatic DOM manipulation, data-binding and so on, that has increased a community of web developer and users.
However, using Angular.js is not as simple as it looks. It needs proper coding skills but despite its complexity, people prefer this JS framework above all.


ReactJS is also a popular JS framework which is released back in 2013 by Facebook and Instagram.
It lets you develop complex and large-scale dynamic web apps within a matter of few minutes. This framework simplifies the entire process of web app develops. It let you render dynamic apps like a breeze. However, it doesn’t offer the two-way data binding feature, but still many people consider it.ReactJSAbove all, React is one of the best frameworks that will build (isomorphic) apps similar to JS code for client-side and server-side. It means you don’t need to generate code for your web projects.


Most of the big brands like Pinterest, Twitter, Walmart, etc are using Backbone.js powerful JavaScript framework. It was first introduced by Jeremy Ashkenas in 2010 as open source JS Framework under MIT license.
It is one of the most incredible frameworks for creating single page web applications. But the best thing about backbone is that it is intuitive, easy and small in size.Backbone.Js
You can start up developing apps with this tool in a matter of few minutes. It lets you build user-friendly and interactive elements of web apps quickly and effortlessly.
However, web developers use backbone more as a supportive framework rather than the core one of your web ventures.


EmberJS is popular among professional web developers. It was initially released as open source JavaScript framework back in 2011. It lets you develop feature-rich and cutting-edge web apps on the fly.
Like AngularJS, Ember also provides the two-way data binding feature. This means it allows update view while model changes and update model while the view changes – maintaining synchronization between the two all the time.EmberJSIt also supports Fastboot.js module that enables server-side rendering of DOM – this concept is similar to what React is already utilizing to enhance performance in complicated UI rendering.
Overall, EmberJS is a pretty good JS framework that comes with both the best JS framework’s features Angular’s two-way data binding, and React’s server side rendering.


KnockoutJs is another powerful JavaScript framework that works swiftly with MVVM model. It is developed on plain JavaScript, without any external dependencies.KnockoutJSIt is a lightweight framework that comes with plenty of beautiful features including data binding feature, user-friendly and intuitive approach and a lot more. It is best for building single page apps, particularly as a library.
If you are looking for a simple, user-centric and traditional JS framework, then Knockout is considered to be the best alternative that can save your time as well as effort while developing web applications.


MeteorJS is an amazing JavaScript framework offering a bunch of advanced features that a web developer needs for developing their web projects (for front-end rendering, database management, and back-end development).
With this too, you can create fully-functional production apps within a matter of few minutes.MeteorJSThe server side packages perform in the node.js, thus, you don’t need anything else but MeteorJS packages to open the database, all in JS that lets you create highly professional web applications.


PolymerJS is a straightforward JavaScript framework, released in 2013 by Google.
It utilizes the concept of web elements in order to extend HTML capabilities. This feature will remind you Angular JavaScript framework.PolymerJSIn other words, Polymer gives strength and brings structure in developing custom HTML elements by making the use of browser based technologies which includes web components.


Understanding JavaScript frameworks require time as no one can eventually decide which one is the best or which one is the worst for their web projects. It completely depends on your needs and what you want.

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