5 Ways to Create your own WordPress Theme from Scratch

Are you the one who is struggling out to make the WordPress theme? If your answer to this question is yes, then you have certainly reached the right post fellas!

You are thinking to develop your personal website, but there are numerous choices out there! Which method is the best, quickest, simplest, and reasonable? The solution? WordPress.

What Is WordPress?

It’s an open source software that enables you to build websites without any previous understanding of HTML or without having to purchase any pricey software.

Now, perhaps you might be wondering how do I get WordPress? Firstly, we ought to address the fact that you should host your website. The hosting subscription with a nominal fee (usually under $8 for a month), will enable you to access the server and late on, you will be able to put your website on it.

Once you get the top web hosting services then you’ll be able to access WordPress and with this, you get an opportunity to build your own website from the very beginning point.


A Thorough Guide for Creating your own WordPress Theme

We’re going to talk about how to get started with your own theme development in this post. Let’s have a glance at this step-to-step guide to create a custom theme.

There’s one thing from with which you ought to be aware of and a fact is, accepting the truth that creating a new theme is actually a very big deal. There can be a case when you have the ability to make a functional website into the eye-catchy one, but let me tell you, that is not a case anymore.

In actuality, creating a WordPress theme actually need a person to acquire a completely new set of rules so that it could work in the most professional way.

Some Important Tips to Consider

However, there are many things that a designer ought to follow up while making his or her first WordPress website from the beginning. Here, in this post, I’ll let you know that what a good WordPress actually is and how should you process further with them to build a WordPress website.

The Brief Intro to WordPress Theme Development

No matter if you’re a novice designer or are the one who’s having lots of experience under your belt, the goal of each one of you will be to get a site that looks good along with the greatest level of functionality. So, to make this thing work out for your website, you will need to check out with the WordPress Theme Directory.

If you make the right use of this directory then you will able to get something which will actually stand out from the others indeed. Furthermore, this “uniqueness” is the only thing for which most of the designers strive and this is the place where they can get for what they actually strive for.

To fulfill all your needs in the right way, you can consider making the theme yourself. You’ll be amazed to know that building this theme is not that much complex as it may seem to you and credits for this completely goes to the user-friendliness of the platform.

So, you can consider making the use of WordPress for creating your first theme but before that, have a look at some of the points to which you should pay the attention.

There’re 2 things which you will need to accomplish this task. Those two specific things will be a WordPress site of your own and a very well-established hosting plan.

Let me tell you, if you have experience in the local staging environment then it is going to be a huge plus point for you. This way, you’ll be able to make out the design in a quicker way. Additionally having a thorough knowledge of PHP and CSS can also lead you to the great output.

But if don’t have that deep understanding these 2 programming languages then what? No issues in that as well. Be calm, then also you can design a WordPress website.

Yes, that could be indeed possible with the assistance a “STARTER THEME”

Now, there come numerous questions into your mind about the same thing, let me clear your each and every doubt in the context of that.

wordpress theme

Let’s see, What Is a Starter Theme & Why You Should Use the One?

A Starter Theme allows you to make on a consecutive framework, without worrying about the hurdles included in coding a theme from starting.

Steps To Make The First WordPress Theme

If there is a case, you wish to create everything yourself then it’s a good idea as well. But here, we’re going to make use of the starter theme.


In this, you will need to make a blueprint of the website which you’re planning to make but please make sure to add all genres in that. Once you’re done with it, now ask a question to yourself: what is the purpose of the website, I mean will it be a business website, e-commerce website or what else?

Once you get to know the answer to this question then you will be able to choose the theme which would actually be the right fit for your WordPress design.


The best idea here will be to follow-up with the template design. In a case, if you are not that much programming-savvy then it is going to be the perfect choice for you. Later on, this template design is going to be a great advantage to you which is going to save you a bunch of efforts and time as well.

Step 2:

Once you’re done with the prior step, then you need to eliminate and bypass all the unnecessary PHP and CSS files present in the functional website. This way, you will be able to lessen your website’s operating time.

If you work in a similar way, then I’m pretty much certain that the chances of success of your WordPress website are directly going to raise up.


Here, the tip would be to consolidate Java to your code. The reason being, the addition of Java on your website is going to make it look more eye-catchy and attractive, which thereby is going to drag the attention of many people.

Step 3:

In this step, you ought to use proper navigation buttons for all the web pages, be it a homepage, about us page, contact us page or services page. This is something that will not be provided to you by the template, so you need to ensure that you’re paying proper attention towards it.


In order to ensure that your site visitants are not getting annoyed later on while visiting your website, you will need to pay proper attention to inner web pages as this will make the experience of operating a website, the comfortable one.


Design each and every section of the WordPress website by paying proper attention to every factor. This way you will be able to ensure that the website which you’re planning to design is able to make the conversion rate and ROI towards it.


Never make a mistake of overdesigning. This is one of the most common blunders that many newbies make in creating WordPress themes. In this, they overdesign every section of the sit by uniting many third-party themes. Later on, this makes the site clustered which is a big NO.

wordpress editor

Step 5:

Whenever it comes to WordPress or any additional web development, then the size of each page is a vital factor to have in remembrance. Although several components may make your site seem good, but always acknowledge the fact that visitors normally don’t like sites that takes plenty of time to operate.


Developing a WordPress website needs a lot of considerations that you should require to follow up. Among them all, the most important thing is to understand the fact that adding so many elements on a web page will not make it look more attractive instead it will increase the load time of the website, so ensure to build the web pages of light size.

When you have completed your work with the theme, it’s time to make certain it runs accurately. You can assure this through testing. To instantly make certain that your theme will work well beneath most situations, you can use several tactics.

When you’ve completely examined your theme and are assured that it adheres the expected standards, then just export it and you will be ready with a site.

Later on, if you are well contented with the result then you should submit your site theme to the WordPress Theme Directory.

Let’s Wind It Up For Now

Building a WordPress theme from the beginning is no little feat. Nevertheless, the method might not be as challenging as you have earlier thought. By dividing the process into steps and utilizing the information, nearly any person will be able to build a new theme.

Author Bio: Liza Kosh is known for her tremendous contribution as a senior writer who loves to share her views on topics covering upcoming technology and the market trends. She is currently associated with a WordPress development company based in the USA as a content strategist.


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