Social media is the viable platform to collect huge amount of business leads that would contribute affluently towards the progressive development of business. Many people have given up hope in leveraging social media for the failure in getting reasonable leads of prospects but what is really wrong in this regards not the potentiality of social media but certainly the design of an effective strategy and its implementation in social media.
There have been many business conglomerates who have leveraged social media to collect leads of prospects, turned them into clients, and made a huge business network through it, which thereby helped them expand their business, and become famous around the globe. Such is the case of Amazon, Flipkart, Apple, Alibaba, Netflix, Pampers etc. They explored those areas where others have not conceived and their profound determination and resource management enable them to be that what they are known now.
Many businesses often detests experiments and risk to carry out something innovative and rather they prefer adhering to those what others have followed. Getting along with social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter would be promising if a business takes the risk to stop other strategies and fully concentrate on it, and thereby devising a plan to reach their targeted audiences, and carry out their features accordingly.
After all, social media sites are filled with varieties of people, and therefore; it is a vast resource expanding everyday to be utilized for business affairs.

Here are some powerful social media marketing strategy to boost business network and earn huge revenue in return.

Social media marketing strategy to boost business network

LinkedIn as an engine to grow business network

If a business wants to provide services and products to professionals and other businesses then LinkedIn would be the perfect social media site to leverage. Making the company’s business page on LinkedIn would be the primary approach and then the next steps would be posting professionally attractive infographics about the features corresponding to the business. Subsequently, a business has to follow other companies involved in trading same services and products, and also comment and introduce before others. Posting features about the business in 60 characters like a tagline would convince online prospects to give a look in the business page or profile.
Furthermore, using LinkedIn is not easy as Facebook, it requires time to attain mastery of the social media features. At last, the paid advertisement and promotion plans initiated by LinkedIn could also make your service and product feature reach enormous amount of people, especially your targets. LinkedIn also have features that checks the number of people reaching you and are interested in exchanging information.
If a business has a website, then the website link has to be shared along the LinkedIn profile or business page, and on top of everything, one has to fill every details that LinkedIn wants, i.e. personal details, project details, contact information and others, which is certainly necessary to show relevancy and authenticity among clients.



Make use of Youtube to grow business network

YouTube is another social media site where a person uploads video and also share it in other social media sites. This is also important to bolster commercial trade as most of the people prefer video demonstration of whatever they are looking for. For example, if someone is looking forward to move to any search engine and find out how a washing machine works, the some video links would certainly appear before him or her. This videos are from YouTube, and it is indeed a viable platform to demonstrate the features of a business’s services or products in order to reach potential prospects.
Opening an account in YouTube is easy but a business has to craft a graphical presentation of the services or the products it is trading, and then eventually the video has to be uploaded to be displayed. Besides, the details corresponding to company details has to be displayed for relevancy. As people loves watching video clips then it would be a great idea to get in touch with prospects and visually persuade them to give interest in the services and products.
A powerful strategy to make huge amount of customers through YouTube is displaying a graphical presentation that would convey everything about the company, including the distinctiveness in not more than three minutes. In addition, when this videos would be shared among blogs and other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, etc., then it would help a business to reach large amount of targeted audiences.

Converting Facebook as a medium to grow business network

Facebook is a widely popular social media platform with millions of people of different culture, nations, and professions. Since Facebook is a place where millions of businesses strive to get hold of customers, so the platform is full of competitors. In Facebook a business has to devise a distinct strategy that has to be effective and viable, and also one has to take the risk towards experimenting with new ideas and plans. One fruitful strategy that could be useful in reaching the targeted audience is to invest in paid advertisements and post boosting features. It is not expensive and many a times proved to be effective in making customers. People are very much interested in reading post contents which has attractive but professional visuals.
Another strategy to boost connection with potential prospects is to create a Facebook business page and optimize it with periodic contents and pictures upload with information related to the products and services which the business would provide. Like LinkedIn, all the necessary information of the Facebook page has to be filled, including uploading a professional cover page along with the company’s logo.
Facebook has a feature that shows how much time a business takes to respond when someone is messaging. So, in this case a business has to be quick enough to answer back in order to maintain a good image in Facebook, for most of the people prefer those companies that provide quick and effective response to resolve any issues.

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