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by Binu George on April 30, 2011

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Sometimes you may require an online service to transfer a large file  to your colleague or friend. If you are ready to pay some extra amount of money there are very good services available to transfer files.  But are there any free large file transfer services that is reliable? In our previous posts we have discussed about Free Online Services to Send and Share Large Files and Best Services to Send and Share Large Files Over Web . But today let us a Free service – Pando P2P file sharing service- that doesn’t have restrictions like number of uploads. Pando service supports large size file and folders.Pando_Free Large File Transfer Services

Pando Free Large File Transfer Service

Pando software is for P2P file sharing. Pando helps sending large files using both peer-to-peer and client–server architectures. Pando uses the BitTorrent protocol to transfer files. Pando provides fully-supported client software for both Windows and Mac OS X. Pando has both subscription version and non-subscription free version. Pando lets you easily download and share top quality video and other large files (and folders) via email, IM and the Web.

Pando pro with more features

  • Pando Pro is the fastest Pando ever! Pro subscribers enjoy:
  • Up to 5x faster download speeds
  • Share bigger files – 3GB vs 1GB
  • Avoid ads
  • Extended hosting time -14 day file retention on Pando’s servers
  • Password protection for sent files
  • FREE tech support

Get Pando Pro
Pando Pro

Pando Pro

Pando Free version features

  • A non-subscription version of Pando is ad-supported. It installs SmartShopper grayware on the computers of its users.
  • Free version of Pando supports 1 GB maximum upload file size .
  • Unlimited number of uploads.
  • Pando provides 7 day file retention on Pando’s servers.

Get Pando

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