Believe it or not but Selfies have carved out a solid foundation for them in modern life. Daily the feed of social media applications such as Facebook or Instagram will be filled with crazy yet beautiful Selfies with people adopting different styles and approaches to make their selfies look cool and attractive. A lot of mobile applications are available to help you retouch your selfies and make some fine adjustments before posting them on social media. After all, likes and comments are a must.  Let us have a look at some of the best selfie editing applications for iOS & Android.

Best Selfie Editing Applications for iOS and Android   selfie editing software


Coming with a price tag of $4 the application is, definitely, worth its price. The application name clearly defines its purpose. The Facetune application gives us plenty of powers to retouch our selfies in a quick and prompt manner. Following are some of the cool things provided by Facetune:

  • Teeth-whitening
  • Red-eye removal
  • Color your gray hairs
  • Rectify and fine-tune your jawline

Moreover, you can use the application to blur the background bringing more focus towards yourself. The application provides a myriad of features to make your selfies stand out as one of the best among others.


The selfie editing app RetouchMe is a boon for those who lack photo editing skills and don’t have enough time to learn or master them. Available both on Android & iOS, you require uploading your selfie on the RetouchMe Application and a highly experienced and professional team of Photoshop designers will turnaround the improved version of your photograph in less than 15 minutes.

RetouchMe comes with an extensive range of selfie retouch options such as red-eye removal, dark-circles removal, teeth-whitening, face-slimming, changing your nose shape and much more. You can upload any number of pictures that you desire with a charge starting from mere $0.99 for each.

Aviary Photo Editor

The photo editor from Aviary houses an awesome collection of tools and filters to make even your worst selfies look great. A lot of tools are available including teeth-whitening, removal of unwanted blemishes and much more.

The application even provides you the facility to add captions to your selfies. This way you can actually convert your selfie into memes. Apart from this, a variety of other filters and content are available that you need to purchase.


Frontback, although has limited touch-up tools but offers a fascinating functionality that all selfie-lovers adore.

With the help of this application, you can capture what you are seeing in front as well as your face in a single photograph. The application does so by utilizing the front as well as your device’s back camera to give you that unique double selfie which you are always looking for.

Once you have your desired photograph you can easily put it up on social media.


With Retrica Application you get to use more than 100 different types of filters ranging from retro to modern.

The application even has an in-built collage maker through which you can club your favorite photographs together. Though there are not much editing options available the application does provide you with an inbuilt timer to give you the ability to capture a perfect selfie for yourself.


This application is available on iOS and comes with a price tag of $3. This is one of the leading camera applications for your iOS device. The application gives us a broader range of controls and advanced settings to capture that perfect photograph which you are looking for.

Borders, filters and various scenes are provided to merge with your selfie to make it look even more attractive.


Yes! You can use Instagram to provide a few touch ups to your selfie. Among the various functionalities provided by Instagram in terms of photo editing, the major ones are the provision to add stickers, tags, and overlays in Instagram Story Mode.

Moreover, if you want you can add your own drawings and even write text on your photographs with the help of Instagram.

So, Instagram, is definitely, power-packed to capture and edit your selfie the way you want. All you need to do is to capture a photograph and put in the effects that you want. Thereafter, if you don’t want to post the photo you can safely save the image on your device’s memory.

This makes Instagram an application providing dual functionality of being a social media application as well as a selfie editor.

You Cam Perfect

This application basically does cosmetic surgery to your selfie without making you spend even a single dollar. The application hosts a lot of alteration options for you which are meant to enhance your selfie.

Basic features provided by the application is the removal of wrinkles, dry skin, and other facial enhancements. However, if you want to go a level higher you can use the same application to even modify the imperfections of your body like reshaping nose, eyes and your bodily stats even.

Go for this application if you want to virtually operate over your body the same way as a cosmetic surgeon will do.

Air Brush

If you want to make some minor adjustments to your selfie without going to the aggressive things then Air Brush is the perfect application for you.

Just a few screen touches are required to make minimum alterations to your image. The application provides you with brushes to color your skin and even the feature to eliminate wrinkles from your face.

Moreover, the application saves the photograph that you uploaded before making any enhancements and lets you compare the uploaded photograph with the newly edited one. You can even play with your editing skills on a model using this fantastic application.

If you are unable to get the proper functioning of a particular tool then Air Brush even has videos for you to see the working of each and every tool present in the application. This feature makes Air Brush a very comfortable and convenient application to edit your selfie and achieve the perfect you.

Parfait: Pick a Perfect Selfie

Parfait is not exactly an image editing application but it solves a different purpose which you must have faced at a certain moment and continue facing. As the tagline of the application suggests Parfait helps you to choose a perfect selfie from a batch of same-click photographs. Suppose you have taken 30 different selfies on a particular occasion and are unable to choose the perfect one out of all to be uploaded to your favorite social media application such as Facebook or Instagram.

This can become a really tedious task. Hence, for your assistance in finding a perfect selfie Parfait comes into the picture as it aids you in selecting a perfect photograph from a batch of same-click photographs.

The application works by allowing you to select certain features on the basis of which you want the photograph to be selected. If you select eyebrows and the nose you require picking up the features for both of them and based on your selection the application will present you with one single picture which suits best to your desire.

Hence, this is not basically an editing application but holds a lot of importance when you are in a state of confusion regarding multiple same click photographs.


VSCO doesn’t have much of the selfie-enhancing tools but it does support some of the important and exclusive photo editing objects and filters.

The best part of this application, which is not available in other relative applications, is the save edits feature. Sometimes you may require styling a photograph in the same way which you followed for one of your earlier photographs. For this VSCO provides a feature through which you can copy the editing done by you on the first photograph and paste the same for the second. This way, you save a lot of essential time and efforts.


Available on iOS; GoCam is a remarkable application to take a hands-free selfie. You don’t need selfie sticks for getting your selfie clicked from far away.

If you are thinking that this application uses the old self-timer technique then let me tell you it is not the case at all.

All you need to do is to keep your iPhone 3 meters away from you and the application will automatically recognize certain gestures and click a selfie for you. You can opt for an instant click or timer based. The application even uses the screen flash feature of iPhone. So, ditch those inconvenient selfie sticks and wireless remotes and download Go Cam on your iPhone for capturing that perfect hands-free selfie.


Taking selfies have become a worldwide craze. Hence, if you want a perfect picture for your Facebook or Instagram account then it is mandatory that you have one of the above-mentioned applications with you. At the end of the day, the number of likes and comments on your upload does matter.

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