Google+ the new Social Media service from Google is it’s biggest attempt to rival the social network Facebook. The Google Plus popularity graph proves that the service is growing spontaeously. Google+ had reached 10 million users just two weeks after it was launched and after 4 weeks it had reached 25 million users.
comScore the Internet marketing research company says that US is the biggest Google Plus market followed by India. As of now Google+ is available as a web based service as well as as a mobile application on the Android and iOS operating systems. A Google+ desktop application may be available near future. Unlike other social networks like Facebook or Twitter there is no API is available for Google Plus which can be utilized by programmers to develop applications that interacts with Google+ programmatically.Google-plus-facebook-twitter post updates
As a social media service you can use Google Plus to build your network by managing features like circles, Hangouts, Huddle etc. To use it more effectively you can make use of some of the following tips. Below tips may be useful to manage your Google profile privacy, your Google Plus data etc.
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How To Ensure Your Google Plus Profile Privacy?

Google Plus provides plenty of customization to protect your online profile privacy. You can effectively manage your profile visibility beyond your circles.You can blacklist people or even you can hide your profile from appearing in search engines. You can even show or hide certain tabs from your profile page.

How To Backup Your Google Plus Data ?

You can create ‘n’ number of circles , posts , Streams and +1s. But how do you manage the data. What if you loose all these data because of some unforeseen disaster? Google allows you to backup your Google+ data using Google Data Liberation Services.Backup-google+ google plus data

Select People to Display On Your Google+ Profile Page

This is really an interesting feature. You can select the list of people whose profile you want to display in your Google Plus profile page. Using this service you can hide people who you don’t like to be visible on your profile page.

Top 9 Useful Chrome Google Plus Extensions

If you use Google Chrome browser then you have a list of extension to experience Google Plus more effectively. These extensions or plugins provides some enhanced Google Plus experience. One of such extension provides fast and simple zooming for photos within your Google+ StreamGoogle plus +Photo Zoom

How To Update Twitter and Facebook From Google Plus

If you are using other social media services like Facebook or Twitter, you can update all these services directly from Google Plus. You don’t have to login to each of these applications. Just post your update on Google Plus and other services get updated automatically

How To Cross post Google Plus Posts to Facebook and Twitter

In this article we discusses about few of the free services and tools that you can utilize to cross post your Google Plus updates to Facebook and Twitter.

How To Create Google Plus Profile For Your Site Or Business

You can create accounts and pages to represent your business in Facebook , Twitter etc. Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are a great way to interact with your customers. These services helps you in branding your business online. But how do you create a Google Plus profile to achieve the same. Reade more on this in this article.

How To Share Updates To Google+ From Gmail?

Now you can easily share your Google+ updates directly from Gmail. Google has added a new feature to Gmail so that you can directly update your Google Plus stream without leaving the Gmail interface.

How To Create Short URL for Your Google+ Profile

Most of the Google Plus users do not have a vanity URL for Google Plus profile. The article talks about a free online service which will help you to create a short URL of your Google Profile. You can include your username as part of the Google Plus profile URL.Google+-profile-short-url

5 Different Ways To Invite People To Join Google Plus

Google Plus started as an invite only service. You cannot join Google Plus directly without an invite from someone. But if you have already started using Google Plus you can try these different steps to invite people to join Google+

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Binu GeorgeGoogleGoogle,google plus,Google plus invite,google plus tips,google profile short url,how-to guides,productivity,Top 10Google+ the new Social Media service from Google is it's biggest attempt to rival the social network Facebook. The Google Plus popularity graph proves that the service is growing spontaeously. Google+ had reached 10 million users just two weeks after it was launched and after 4 weeks it a hub for website optimization tips and tools