Have you ever wanted a simple yet efficient conversion software which would be a great help when it comes to changing the format of the certain video files, digital photos and other media content that you have without any hassle?

Well then, there is a product that would be of great use to you in this case. Presenting, the amazing Movavi Video Converter, which a great video file converter.  It is the perfect combination of a smooth conversion rate, fast results that speak of high-quality, and an amazing user experience for those who want it. Movavi Video Converter is our best shot at having something that could be wonderfully efficient in the multimedia world.

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The Amazing Features Of Movavi

Like every single masterpiece, the Movavi video file converter has got an interesting list of features that make it the best in the market. Let’s us have a look at that, shall we?

Editing Options

For someone editing a video is something that is really important. Cropping, trimming, rotating, adding the watermarks and certain captions are somewhat hassling, to begin with. What if you had a video file converter that would combine all these editing options into one single platform? Well, that is exactly what Movavi does.

Mobile Compatible

The amazing software supports the main formats of videos which incorporate the AVI, MP4, FLV, MPEG 1/2, 3GP, MKV, VOB, MOV, and much more such options. Apart from that, all the videos that are converted here are absolutely multiple device-friendly for the devices such as iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony PlayStation, Google Nexus and so the list goes on. Also, it has a full HD support as well.

Speedy Conversion

It can be said that Movavi Video Converter has excelled when it came to the tests. The rate of conversion for the videos using Movavi is significantly estimated to be 80 times speedier than the other competitive video converters. Not just that, people. The converter also has the ability to convert multiple files all at once.

Creating GIFs And Online Sharing

Movavi Converter is also a great use when it comes to creating amazing, hilarious GIFs. You could easily select some parts of the video for the conversion into GIFs. Also, there is an option for online sharing in the software as well as it is the best for directly uploading the content to different sites of social media.

DVD Ripping And Audio Extraction

There is another thing that is the best about Movavi. It is the ripping of DVDs which makes sure that the DVD videos are properly saved to the hard drive when ripped. You could also use the software for the extraction of audio samples to put as ringtones from the amazing video converting software.

Why Do You Need To Convert Videos Using Movavi?

Most of the users on the Internet always need to change a particular video format or a video file format. There could be many reasons for that. Maybe they wish to turn it into a different type of clip or transfer the file to a particular mobile device. There is a need for converting the videos into the mobile-friendly format if you wish to transfer it to your Smartphone. Also, uploading any content on the Internet will require a conversion as well.  Apart from all that, to compress the file size of a video, you might need to convert it into a type that takes up less space.

Congrats, with the Movavi converter, you have the best and the most efficient way to do that. The best part about the software is that you actually don’t have to have a previous knowledge of the different features and basics of video conversion.

How To Convert Videos Using Movavi?

You just have to follow these simple steps to make sure that the Movavi Video Converter works as it is supposed to do.

  • Add your desired file that you want to convert to the program
  • Select the type of video format that you want the file to convert to
  • Start the conversion procedure
  • Sit back and enjoy the results as your job is done

Pros And Cons Of The Movavi Video Converter

Every single product has its own list of pros and cons which decide whether the product is efficient enough or not. The Movavi Video Converter is no exception either.


  • Easy Using And Simple Format

Very easy and simple to use when it comes to video editing. The features are simple and efficient. The amazing design of the Movavi converter makes it a perfect fit for the beginners who have got no prior experience of video conversion. You don’t have to be an expert into the video conversion technique to use the Movavi video converter app. All you have to do is load the software, click on the options provided and you will be able to easily convert the videos without any hassle.

  • Impressive Support Options

The software supports all the different video formats that are significant such as 3GP, AVI, MP4 and much more such options. Not just that people. But Movavi has also got the benefits of encoding the different formats as well. When you have Movavi, you won’t have to worry about ripping the DVDs and converting the VOB filed to produce more meaningful data and filed. The numerous audio tracks and the subtitle tracks that are provided in the software also help you make a selection of the ones that you need. Select the suitable options before you actually start the process of conversion.

  • Mobile Support And Other Options

Movavi supports over 200 devices which include PlayStation, mobiles, laptops, tablets and much more. How many times has it happened when your media player has encountered the problem where the multimedia format is not really supported by the device? Well, this is something that you don’t have to worry about when you have Movavi with you. Learning the basics of aspect radio, video resolution and codecs is really important in such cases. You will be lucky if you have the support of Movavi Video file converter that provides quality videos which are supported on every single device.

  • Lightning Fast Rate Of Conversion

Aren’t you just sick and tired of waiting around while the ordinary video converters attempt to convert the video files into a supporting format? Well, this is something that you won’t have to worry about when you have the assistance of Movavi with you. With the help of Movavi, you will be able to convert videos in an efficient manner. Want to know the best part? It doesn’t even take up that much of your time. With a conversion rate which is impressively fast, it is a cakewalk to convert the videos using the Movavi converter. Why wait and waste time, people? Get the Movavi software right now.


  • Limited Editing Options

Though there are many impressive benefits associated with the features of Movavi which include video conversion, mobile compatibility and much more, there are certain drawbacks as well. Most of the users that have used the software don’t really have any specific complaint about it. However, there are some users that say that the editing options could have been a bit more in detail. The editing options are pretty much limited when it is compared the other options available. However, the amazing features clearly make up for the apparent lack of the editing options.

  • Freeware Vs. Movavi

Sure, the Movavi video converter is one of a kind and has features that cannot be matched by anyone else. But then again, the features of Movavi have a sole competitor which is known by the name of Freeware. Users all over the world often face the difficulties of choosing between the two as they have also identical features. Basically, all the other features of Movavi are similar to the Freeware software. This can be a little bit of a drawback for the video converter because Freeware is a little expensive which causes the people to often go for that option.

The Verdict

When it comes to the final review, we would say that the Movavi software is certainly a great video file converter. Providing such amazing benefits and useful features, this particular software helps convert numerous video files in a hassle-free way.

If you consider yourself to be one of those individuals that need professional and quality material in their multimedia content almost regularly, then this is the perfect place for you my friend. Movavi is the one shot that you have towards getting an ideal helping hand for you. The interface is absolutely simple, convenient and easy to use. Plus, if there are any issues and concerns, then there is a live chat option offered by the company that will effectively address your problems.

Movavi can be called as one of the most amazing and the best platforms that can be used for gaining access to some efficient products which can be a definite help in the creation of high-quality and satisfying videos.


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