There are three main components for building a stronger and smarter website that incorporates the perfect framework, hosting company, and conversion rates. While each component is critical to the function of the site, they must all work in unison to provide the best results.

The Framework

A framework is what maximizes the benefits of a well-designed WordPress Theme. Much like the body of an automobile, the framework is the foundation for the web design, its security, and how the SEO (search engine optimization) will function. When working properly, it will automatically upgrade the software and maintain customized settings as new versions of the platform are introduced.


  • The Dashboard – To properly run a site requires ownership of a domain name, and the installation of the WordPress platform. All functions and features will be managed and maintained using the WordPress dashboard.
  • A Child Theme – Developed strictly as a design element that works on top of the framework, a child theme, or WordPress theme, will provide the look and feel of the website once it is up and running.
  • Ongoing Support – With the millions of users that utilize WordPress every day, there is extensive online support. Any difficult challenge, problem or issue can be instantly resolved using discussion boards and online support forums.

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A properly run smart website uses the services of a professional hosting company. Offering security and performance, a well-run hosting company will utilize the best WordPress-optimized online servers. Hosting also provides high-level performance, top security, and the expertise required to keep sites online and published.wordpress-moving-host

  • Performance – Any serious online blogging site, or website, requires continually fast upload times for every page, along with the ability to handle heavy traffic. A well-run hosting company will be able to maintain flawless uptime, and maximum traffic loads.
  • Security – The worth of any hosting company is the security it provides. Safeguarding against malware, hackers, and ongoing malicious actions, must be continually maintained. The hosting site should be able to protect the company site effectively without ever sacrificing ongoing premium
  • Expertise – The hosting site should offer real-world solutions, and first-class support. With the hosting site offering practical advice, the site owner should be able to avoid mistakes to continually offer a professional site online.


Nearly every website on the Internet is designed to offer something to the public. The value of some websites is the information they offer. Other sites generate sales by selling products their customers are seeking. Usually the most challenging component of any web design is the conversion aspect of the site. It contains three main key elements including “action, access, and acceleration”. Maximizing each element should automatically generate higher conversion rates, and produce higher sales and profits.

  • Action – By creating critical landing pages and incorporating the best colors, styles and fonts, visitors are more likely to respond to a call to action. Some platforms offer extensive pre-designed templates, that utilize all the key elements to maximize a “call to action” response from the visitor.
  • Access – Using a pre-designed WordPress template instead of building a site from scratch, offers better access to every online visitor, and will likely increase conversion rates. A well-designed site can handle recurring payments, generate continuous leads, offer digital downloads, and sell software and e-books, along with utilizing membership sites.
  • Acceleration – Conversion rates can be accelerated through the continual cycle of testing, optimizing and retesting every landing page. Using specific coding that is compatible with Visual Website Optimizer and Google; web content can be maximized to produce better results.
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Once the basics are in place, it is time to develop a better approach to generating more traffic to the site. Before beginning, it is important to understand that a successful website is one that is focused on the perspective client’s needs, and not the company’s needs to generate profits. All pertinent uploaded content should be focused on solving the solutions of the online visitor and not the problems of the online company. Proper preparation for building a successful website includes:

  • Determining the objectives and goals of the site
  • Determining the target audience and clients
  • Understanding the target audience’s concerns, predicaments, pain or situation
  • Determining the programs, products and services that will solve the audience’s problems
  • Finding a voice to develop online marketing strategies and unique products selling schemes

By understanding the needs of every client (audience) and how the online website can contribute will help build a strong image and the reputation of the site. It is imperative to have a call to action on every page of the site to either move the visitor to a new location within the website, make a purchase, or perform some specific action. Offering no call to action usually permits the visitor to simply jump the site.

Building a smarter and stronger website using a WordPress platform can mean ongoing success for the business while providing necessary services or products to the visitor.

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Placeholder Placeholder GeorgeWordPress Tipschoose wordpress theme,smart websiteThere are three main components for building a stronger and smarter website that incorporates the perfect framework, hosting company, and conversion rates. While each component is critical to the function of the site, they must all work in unison to provide the best results. The Framework A framework is what a hub for website optimization tips and tools