Meta Tags provides the vital information about the web page to the search engines as well as browsers.The use of meta tags is always recommended because of the vital information that can be included in the Meta Tags. For example the meta tags Description, Keywords ,Revisit ,Expires ,Robots etc are used by search engine spiders to determine the page content,quality,keywords and other relevant statistics.It is not required to include all meta tags in the header but providing the required meta tags is a vital step in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It is very simple to add Meta Tags to web pages. To automate the generation of Meta Tags use this Free Meta Tag generator From Globinch Tools.The code will generate Meta Tags based on the information you provided. You can copy and paste the generated Meta Tags directly in your web page between the section. Read the W3C recommendation.
Enter the appropriate values in the below fields and finally click on “Get Meta Tags” button to generate your Meta Tags.

Title Recommended number of characters <125
It is recommended to always use the Meta Description tag.Recommended number of characters <255
Keywords Use no more than 12 unique search terms separated by a comma and space. To identify what search terms to target use the keyword research tool.
Optional : Advanced Meta tags
Copyright Copyright YourCompany – 2010 .It is not required to use a Meta Copyright tag. Please remember that the Meta Copyright tag will not protect your site’s content or your intellectual property.

Author Web page author or company name.
Language Recommended for sites in non-US English language.
Charset It is important that the character encoding of any XML or (X)HTML document is clearly labeled, so that clients can easily map these encodings to Unicode.
Robots Search engines often ignore it. You can cotrol this in robots.txt file or modify your .htaccess file instead.
Revisit-after The Meta Revisit After tag is used to inform search engines when to return to index your site.
Expires The Meta Expires tag is used to declare the date and time after which the web document should be considered expired.
By pressing the “Get Meta Tags” button, you agree with the terms of the service agreement

Please link back to this tool from your website if you found it useful.

Simply copy and paste the code from the box below into your webpage.

Meta Tags Generator – Globinch
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