If you have hundreds of article in your blog, it is always better to categorize them so that your blog readers can easily find them. But if you have many such categories then it is better to arrange them in a drop down menu. This is because you may not be able to arrange them in a single horizontal menu. The multi level drop down menu will give your users a better way to find where the contents are arranged and will give your blog a more organized look.
The main advantage of WordPress as a blog platform is that , hundreds of developers are contributing towards it’s betterment. Be it themes or plugins there are hundreds of such contributions.
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There are many wordpress plugins for drop down menu’s too. Few of them are JQuery based and other are CSS Menus. Let us get introduced to few of the best Multi-level Drop-Down Menu WordPress Plugins.

Best Multi-level WordPress Drop-down Menu Plugins

JQuery Mega Menu Widget

JQuery Mega Menu Widget allows you to add drop down mega menus from any WordPress custom menu. JQuery Mega Menu Widget uses JQuery to generate the menu. The plugin offers “fade In” or “slide down” effects and the option to use hover or click to show the sub-menu. There are few sample skins are available to style your own mega menu. You can also set the Animation Speed which will decide the speed at which the drop down menu will open/close. “No Animation” option will immediately show/hide the menu.JQuery-Mega-Menu-Widget The menu design is very good and you can see the demo here.
Download JQuery Mega Menu Widget

JQuery Drop Down Menu

JQuery Drop Down Menu plugin is another nice plugin that provides drop down menus using Jquery and is fully customizable. You need to add a line of code to your header where you want the menu to appear. To show menu Add on your theme header. The plugin can manage Multi-level dropdown menu and you can customize the menu with full animation support.
You can see the demo of JQuery Drop Down Menu here
Download JQuery Drop Down Menu

JQuery Drill Down Ipod Menu Widget

JQuery Drill Down Ipod Menu Widget allows you to create a drill down ipod style menu from any WordPress custom menu using jQuery. This plugin is ideal for managing large, complicated menus in a small, vertical, compact and fixed-sized area. using this menu you can handles multiple levels, saved state using cookies and multiple menus on the same page.JQuery-Drill-Down-Ipod-Menu
Download JQuery Drill Down Ipod Menu Widget

WP Spry Menu

WP Spry Menu automatically creating Spry Drop Down Menu for wordpress category with configuration page. It’s using Spry JavaScript library from Adobe . The tool ofers live preview as soon as you change the settings. No need to refresh your homepage to see changes.WP-Spry-Menu
Download WP Spry Menu