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by Binu George on November 29, 2010

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So what are the interesting features of the new social media ready browser RockMelt ? As we discussed it is a full fledged social media enabled browser that make your social network life much more easier than before.
As we have discussed RockMelt which is built on Chromium, the open source project behind Google’s Chrome browser, offers to make the Web a personal experience. I have downloaded and used the RockMelt browser to get a feel of it and explored the features offered by the new generation social media browser.rocketmelt web browser download
Here are my findings

Social network support

The most interesting and important feature of this browser is its integration with Facebook. It also supports other social network services like twitter. You can update your facebook status right from the browser. You can easily chat with your facebook friends with a single click. All your friends are listed on the right side edge of your browser.
You can share your tweet so easily that will give you freedom from opening twitter and the login process. It is really easy to tweet from Rockmelt.Rockmelt-twitter-tweet

Social Media Ready Web browser Features

Add feeds from your favourite sites

You can add feeds of your favourite sites to the app edge of the Rockmelt browser. This will give you an easy access to check your favourite site updates.

Search and Preview results

The search results quick view in a widget. This is really interesting feature. Instead of opening in a web page the search result will give you a quick window where you can view the top results. If you want to view in a browser tab just click on the “View in tab” option. It allows you to use your keyboard to flip through Google search results and pick the one you want.Rockmelt-browser-search widget

Finally the most important feature – The cloud support.

The Rockmelt browser is fully backed by cloud and that gives you the freedom to access your personal browsing experience from anywhere. All your personalized information is saved on Rockmelt’s servers so that you can access it by logging into the Rockmelt browser from any computer.
RockMelt is a web browser with out of the box social media support. It has all the standard browser features including the Developer tool support. You will find it useful if you “eat and sleep” in social network world.

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