So you are a proud member of android family. There are many custom built apps for you to pull together your work and entertainment. Of course there are plenty more in the play store and we bet you can’t try out every single one out there with the time you have. Apart from games, themes, photo editors and social networking apps, the play store is equipped with many other useful apps which improve the performance of your android machine. So it’s time for you to try the best five apps which we think can boost up your phone performance.
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5 Apps to boost Android performance

Boost Android

Juice Defender

There is no single Android user who stops whining about the battery life. High end or low end, battery life is never enough. With the juice defender on your phone you are guaranteed extra life. This app works on the basics but delivers where it matters. Whenever your phone goes idle, it springs into action and disable battery eating stuffs like 3G and Wi-Fi. If you turn the screen on, default setting is restored.
There are five preset profiles to select from and complete customization is offered. The interface is intuitive yet simple. It offers seamless integration with power control widgets while keeping your manual settings intact.
With the basic version you can see drastic improvement in battery life and the paid version, Ultimate Juice Companion will be a healthy investment.

Smart RAM Booster

Having not enough RAM would seriously affect the multitasking in Android devices. They have a built in task manager to kill off unnecessary apps that consumes your RAM. But there is no flexibility in this process.
The smart RAM Booster provides control over the RAM consumption and for automated boost; They have a number of indicators which can be enabled.
Four auto boost levels namely gentle, medium, strong and aggressive are available according to the severity of killing the app. Single taps on the boost button gets the job done. After that you will get a pop notice regarding the details.
A widget for quick launching can be added to the home screen. For better customization and added features, there is a paid version too.

System Tuner

The system tuner app can be the ultimate manager for your Smartphone. There are a plethora of tools to choose from, which ultimately improves the performance. The tools are listed below.
Task Manager -The main UI from where you will get detailed statistics about the active apps. Here we can also manually kill the apps.
Extended Task Killer-It works in tandem with the task manager. The all-kill option can be made automatic.
Application Manager-It allows backing up, restoring and uninstalling apps.
Activity Recorder- All activities on your phone are recorded once this feature is active.
Logcat Reader- Logs can be seen, deleted, saved and restored.
Notification & Widgets- A cool widget can be added to the home screen.
Some added tools are present in the paid version named system tuner pro.

Clean Master

When an app is installed and then removed, some residues will be there in the memory and of course some cache files. This may hamper the performance of your device. If you need your Smartphone to be clean and free from occasional hiccups and hangs, this app is the way to go.
The clean master app can remove residual files, unused items; can clear cache and also the search history. Tasks can be killed and unused apps can be uninstalled.
The main UI shows the used and the free space you have. The history option shows the cache contents and you may clear them. Residual files can also be cleaned up.
By tapping the privacy icon, you are allowed to remove messages, call logs and search history. The app manager helps you to back up or uninstall apps. The task section lets you to add and kill tasks. The coolest thing is that you don’t have to pay for it.

Volume Boost

Are you a lover of ear-busting music or that person who needs an extra bit of sound while watching movies on your Android device? If yes, this app is tailor-made for you.
It can be set to be loaded automatically while booting android or manually activate the same. Quick turn on and turf off can be achieved by the widget that can be added to the home screen.
Some devices may not support this app. You have a trial version to try it out for a week and after that it can be purchased for a minimum amount.
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