Many website and blogs doesn’t provide inbuilt translation support. For webmasters, providing a website translation feature is important and will help you to attract more visitors to your site from other countries where the language is not the same as your website’s default language. Google translation service is the most widely used translation service and the power tool behind many website’s inbuilt translation service.
But how do we translate a web page from one language to another if we come across an interesting content? There are many options to do the translation  including the Google Translator which is available with Google Toolbar that translate web pages in more than 40 languages instantly with Google Translate. Google Toolbar provides automatic options to translate a web page to your browser’s default language when a web page with a different language is loaded.
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Even though you can utilize the Google Translation service to translate the web pages with a single click, you need to install Google Toolbar for that. If your favourite web browser is Firefox then you can install plug-in or add-ons which helps you to translate a web page to another language. Let us check the most popular Firefox add-ons to translate web pages.

Top 5 Firefox Translation Add-ons

ImTranslator – Online Translator, Dictionary, TTS

ImTranslator is a multi featured Firefox add-on which not only does web page translation for over 50 languages but also includes online translator, dictionary, text to speech, virtual keyboard, spell checker, Russian decoder, back translation and email service.ImTranslator Firefox Translator add-on
TTS Voice presented by animated speaking characters will read the text in the most realistic, human-sounding way in a variety of languages: English U.S., Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and European Spanish.
Get ImTranslator – Online Translator, Dictionary, TTS


gTranslate is another Firefox add-on to translate web pages from one language to another. The extension uses the Google translation services to translate the text. The add-on provides option to automatically identify the language of the original text as well as to detect the “lang” attribute of the of the selected text (or the whole page).gTranslate firefox translator add-on
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Google Dictionary and Google Translate

Google Dictionary and Google Translate extension brings two functionalities to your Firefox browser , in-line translation of words and translation of the whole page.Double-click a word or a phrase, and a little pop-up will show the definition of it in your language. To traslate a web page click on the Tools menu from the menu bar, and select Translate Page.Google Dictionary and Google Translate firefox add-on
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Flagfox displays a country flag depicting the location of the current website’s server and provides a multitude of tools such as site safety checks, whois, translation, similar sites, validation, URL shortening, and more.flagfox firefox add-on
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My Translator (Google Translate)

My Translator (Google Translate) offer one click translation. You can select text and get translation directly in your context menu.My Translator Firefox add-on
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