Most Searched Word on InternetIn fact the title should be, “How to find the Most searched words and Most Popular Keywords on internet“. This is true because the most searched keyword changes from time to time. So there is no keyword remains on top of the most searched words or keyword on internet.
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The most searched word or keyword may very from search engine to search engine. But the search engine keyword trending each day can have similar degree of fluctuations across multiple search engines.

Millions of searches are conducted by millions of people on different search engine on internet.How to discover the most popular search keywords or topics? Major Search Engines provides some ways to provide the most searched words and phrases.

Google Trends

Google Trends shows you the most popular searches each day with graphics analysis.Using Google Trends you can compare keywords globaly as well as across different geographical can see a snapshot of the fastest-rising searches for different points of time.The Hot Searches are updated hourly and Hot Topics are updated regularly.

See Google Trends

Google zeitgeist

Google reveals the spirit (“Zeitgeist” means “the spirit of the times”) through the aggregation of millions of search queries Google receive every day. Year-End Zeitgeist provides view into what searches revealed about the interests, passions, and issues for the year. See Google zeitgeist Interesting Queries ( IQ ) IQ provides the most popular search terms each week based on millions of searches. IQ gives Top Searches,Top Advancing Searches,Top News Searches and Top Movies Searches. See IQ

Yahoo Buzz

Yahoo Buzz provides the most popular stories across the buzz world.For each Yahoo! Buzz story there’s a ranking. The stories ranking is based on votes received, comments on the story, related search terms, and the times it’s been shared to others by email. See Yahoo Buzz

Bing xRank

xRank keeps track of notable people and puts them in order for you. Also you can view a person’s popularity over the past six months on the xRank History chart. See Bing xRank

AOL Hot Search

The AOL hot search also provides “Whats hot on Search” feature. See AOL Hot Search

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