Have you ever wondered how to transfer all your computer programs from one PC to another or just one installed program from one Windows PC to another one? You have installed a program in your computer and you want to transfer the installed program to your brand new windows laptop. This is sometimes necessary if you lost the installation package.
Also if you can transfer the existing installation as such with all the settings, you don’t have to download and install the software again. This helps you to save lot of time and effort.

How to Transfer Installed Computer Programs

PickMeApp a freeware program helps you to achieve exactly the same. PickMeApp is a portable tool and provides features to capture and transfer installed programs from one Windows-based computer to another. PickMeApp allows you to transfer about a million personalized programs from one PC to another. PickMeApp provides an extremely easy ‘Add and Remove Programs’ like interface that guides you through the transfer of selected programs without the need to locate CDs or repeat any lengthy installation process.
The tool also helps you to create personalized application packages that helps you to set up similar application environment in multiple computers.PickMeApp Transfer Installed Applications
PickMeApp helps you to,

  • Take backup of your installed programs and their settings.
  • To move your customary programs and their settings to a new computer.
  • To install an application with the same predefined settings on several computers.
  • To save time on the installation of applications

Since PickMeApp is a portable tool you can deploy PickMeApp to any removable storage device like USB flash memory.PickMeApp interface helps you to “Run, Select, Capture” applications to capture them and “Run, Select , Install” applications to install to a different PC. It is pretty easy and straightforward. One thing to note here is that many programs require a runtime environment to be installed on the destination system. For example some application may require Microsoft .NET Framework, Java Runtime Environment etc. PickMeApp Beta doesn’t check if the required environment is installed and you may need to install the same.
You can also create personalized package of multiple applications using PickMeApp.This feature is really useful in many situations where you need to replicate same set of application environment in multiple machines.
PickMeApp also provides command line interface. You need to register to download and use PickMeApp,Each PickMeApp downloaded directly from the PickMeApp site receives an unique PickMeApp ID. Only those installations with unique PickMeApp ID can be registered, request support, receive updates.

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