Domain parking is the process of registering the name of an internet website beforehand for prospective use in future.This service is provided by the server which records the name of the domain with InterNIC and ensures its safety till it is ready to be used. This guarantees that the name is available for the domain name holder’s (domainer) future use and no other person or business can use the same name for their web site. It is used to protect against domain squatting, which is a practice of acquiring a domain name identical to the name of an already existing business and then selling it to the original business owner for a profit.Generate-Money-from-Website

The domain name obtained via the domain parking method is called a parked domain. Parked domains are essentially a pseudonym to the main domain and will point to the same web pages as the main domain. No content is required to be inserted in the parked domain and it is usually shown with the message“Under Construction” or “Coming Soon”

Types of Domain Parkings

The two main types of domain parking are:

  • Non-monetized: This is a one page internet site, the domain name of which is reserved for future use after the launch of the website andthroughout this time, the parked domain shows the “Under Construction” or “Coming Soon” message.
  • Monetized: In this version income is generated when net surfers visit the sites and clicks on the advertisements displayed on these sites.

Domain Parking to Make Money

Monetization of domain parking is an advertising method used mainly by domainers and internet advertisers to make money by increasing the visitors to a parked or incomplete domain.The key to generating income from domain parking is to select domains that can generate a huge amount of traffic. One needs to do some research before creating a domain for the purpose of parking. Domain parking monetization can be achieved in the following ways:

  • Allow the domain company to display advertisements on one’s web site. These parking companies usually have an agreement with web hosts like Yahoo! or Google. These web hosts allow the domainers access to use their ad-feeds. The ad-feed links are paid advertisements that are related and they reproduce the keywords in the domain name. The keywords for the domain name give hints to the intention of the visitor even before he/she gets to the main web site. The links usually cater to the interests of the visitor and may change automatically based on the outcomes of the visitor’s choice. When a surfer clicks on an advertisement the advertiser pays the web host who in turn gives a fraction of the income to the parking company from whom the domainer receives his/her share of the revenue. The domainer is usually paid per click.
  • Include a link to a page that is giving away an expensive product free of charge. The visitor has to enter their e-mail to get the product and the domainer gets the benefit of getting a list of e-mail addresses in that niche. Set up the connection using a good auto-responder who will mail newsletters to the visitors and every e-mail will provide links to the products that one is offering.This is a quick and effortless means to make money from domains that are not being used.
  • People who do not have the time to develop a web site after registering it can make money by selling it to a potential purchaser. The domainer can identify a brand name that is planning to make a website in future; the domain name can be held and then sold to that company at an increased cost.
  • Defunct domains that were previously websites can also be used for monetizing parked domain. An obsolete domain will continue to have a good number of its earlier back-links. These domains generally draw the largest number of visitors.

In retrospect, if one has a registered domain name which does not have a great deal of content, domain parking is an excellent way to make money from the web site. As renewing the domain name repeatedly will be of little use, parking it prior to selling it, will help to bring in a large amount of traffic which in turn will generate income for the domainer. So either develop a website on the registered domain or make money using domain parking.

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