Thank You for your interest in writing guest post for Globinch. The unique Globinch Guest Article Programme is designed just for you.

Globinch Guest posts will help you to build backlinks, credibility and online reputation. As a bonus, along with guest post submission, we also offer Adsense revenue sharing.

Globinch Guest posts will help you to build backlinks, credibility and online reputation. As a bonus, along with guest post submission, we also offers Adsense revenue sharing.  This adsense revenue sharing programme  will help you to earn money from your own articles which are published on Globinch. Your adsense ads will be displayed on your guest post and any revenue from your Ads will be directly credited to your Adsense account.We give 100% Adsense share to author of the post. That means you whatever adsense revenue earned from your post will be yours. You can track this in your Adsense account.

3 Reasons :Why You Should Guest Post at Globinch?

1. Exposure and Recognition

Globinch is a popular technology blog where you will find popular articles on  Blogging, SEO, WordPress, Social media, Webmaster resources, other technology articles and guides and online marketing.  At the time of writing our Google page rank is 3 and Alexa rank is 108K. We have over 2400 people subscribed on various medium (RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter).

2. Backlinks and Traffic

All those statistics shows that your article and your bio will get good exposure when you submit your guest post at globinch. Also your blog or website will get more backlink juice from Globinch. Quality backlinks means more traffic and good SERP.

3. ….And You Will Make Money From Your Articles

This is the most interesting advantage you get when you submit guest posts to Globinch. You will earn money from your posts via Google Adsense through our Adsense Revenue Sharing programme.

What Can You Write About?

You can write about the following Topics:

Guest Post Guidelines

To help you with your writing effort and to get your post ready for publishing on Globinch, we’ve put together a few guidelines and suggestions for you as below.

To publish a Guest Post on Globinch, you need to have a blog or personal website. Only links to your own blog or website is allowed, no client links/affiliate links/promotional links will be approved in your post.
  • All guest posts must be useful to audience.
  • The post should be exclusive to We reserve the right to delete the post if I find any similar copy elsewhere even after publishing the same on Globinch.
  • The article should be at least 600 words or more.
  • We do accept posts with less than 600 words (minimum 450 words) only if the quality of the article is above standard.
  • All the images in the article have to be included in the post, preferably in jpg, gif, or png format.
  • Guest author should respect copyrights and any violation or valid copyright violation claims from any third party will result in rejection/ removal of the article.
  • The pictures should not infringe copyrights and proper credits should be given to them.
  • Hotlinking to images/videos and similar web resources are not allowed.
  • All guest posts must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.
  • Globinch has the right to edit title/content if necessary
  • We will not accept guest posts that are self-promotional or include promo and marketing links.
  • We will not accept guest posts with affiliate links.
  • All guest posts must be original and guest posts will be rejected if already been published elsewhere online. The article will be rejected even if the content of the article has 50% similarity with any of the article published online.
  • Once the post get published, it’ll become the copyrighted property of with credit and Adsense revenue goes to the author.
  • We reserve the right to approve/disapprove, edit (as deemed necessary) and keep or remove articles. We reserve the right to approve/remove writer accounts.
  • The articles should be detailed and helpful for readers. Do not write just for the sake of writing something and putting it on our site.

All About Globinch Adsense sharing program

Along with guest posting You can add your own adsense code in your post. So that any money you will make out of it will be automatically credited into your adsense account. You will see the revenue in your AdSense account that Google pays you every month. This ad sharing is 100%, that means we don’t rotate your ads and your ads will stay forever on your post as long as the article exists in Globinch.

  • We display one of the most yielding Adsense ad type (300*25), on each Guest Article. Guest author has to provide the ad code to implement.
  • You can create a unique Ad for globinch. This will help you to track its peformance directly from your Adsense account.
  • Guest Author can track his ad performance on Globinch by creating new adsense channels.
  • We will utilize our social media strength to get maximum traffic to your site. You can also promote your article through social media and other services.

Duration of Adsense Revenue Sharing Programme

  • The Globinch Adsense Sharing programe is designed as a long term programme with intention in mind to run it as long as the blog is active. But we reserve the right to terminate the programme if situation demands.
  • Guest authors will receive the adsense revenue from their posts as long as their articles are available on Globinch and as long the the Adsense sharing programme is available.
  • If we discontinue the adsense sharing programme or the Globinch blog itself, we will notify each of the authors.
  • Even if the Adsense sharing programme is stopped, all the backlinks will remain as it is as long as the article is available on
  • Articles will be removed from Globinch in case of unavoidable circumstances such as copyright issues or termination of blog itself.
  • Globinch has the rights to terminate the Adsense Sharing Programme at any time.

What if you don’t have Google Adsense account?

In case if you don’t have adsense account now, you can apply for one. At any point of time, when you provide your adsense code, we will be adding your code to all your published posts.Once updated all your posts will start showing your advertisement. Till you acquire your Adsense account you will get all other advantages of publishing your article on Globinch.

How To Submit Artcle and Adsense Ad Script?

  • If you are ready to write for us and if you have decided the topic then please send us a mail through our contact us page.
  • Please provide us 2-3 reference URLs of your earlier guest posts on other blogs.
  • I will contact you back with the mail id where you can send your post and your Adsense Ad code.
  • You can send your posts in plain text or in word format.
  • Links: if you want to mark up a link and link text using HTML, by all means do so. Else, include the URL in brackets within the prose, immediately after the text you’d like to use as the link text.
  • Please also include the images and other resources which are part of the article.
  • You can add your links to your byline and in the content if it is highly relevant to the content.
  • Once we receive your article, we will review it and will and publish the post on Globinch, if it is according to our guidelines and standards. You will be notified after publishing the article or if we reject the article.
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